MS Readathon 2018

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland

A love of reading sets us up for life, feeding our imagination and fuelling our minds, while we explore real and fictional worlds. This has been at the heart of our MS Readathon since it was first established in 1988!! Over the years, generations of children have read tens of thousands of books – from a few pages long to lengthy tomes – and raise vital funds to support people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

MS Readathon is the perfect opportunity for those who are already bookworms to challenge themselves with longer, more advanced books and for those who aren’t so keen on reading, the MS Readathon can help them rediscover the sense of wonder and adventure they once felt when they first picked up a book.

With an appetite for reading and a hunger for discovery and adventure meet our new MS Readathon ambassador - Bobby Bookworm. A voracious consumer of the written word, he devours books – sometimes literally – at an incredible rate. Om nom nom nom!!

So join Bobby, get reading & help us make a difference for those living with MS across the country. HAPPY READING!!

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